WordPress Posting to Facebook

I went on the hunt for a way to automatically post to a Facebook page (can’t do profiles anymore) from WordPress. I remember doing this before, and didn’t have it written down how I did it!

This top 10 comparison article caught my eye:

The WP Facebook Auto Publish plugin looks like a great free alternative to the King Poster plugin. I installed the free version on this website, but couldn’t get it to run with my current setup. I created the Facebook application, but it will not work with this plugin since I do not have SSL certification for this site and I do not have a privacy policy in place. Both of these elements are required to get a new Facebook application off the development ground. So, that flopped.

I’m not prepared to pay for the King Poster plugin simply to test it out at this time. It definitely has potential though!

Sidebar: I was a little bummed that the “Facebook Events Calendar For WordPress” plugin mentioned is no longer available. That would have been cool to try out.

Apart from this article, I found Blog2Social, a free plugin for multiple platforms including Facebook. The setup for this app was much easier with a great UI for posting your blog articles. The automatic posting to Facebook comes with a subscription to one of their premium levels. The fact that their premium level offers the ability to schedule posts reminds me of CoSchedule, a plugin I’ve used in the past.

CoSchedule is a beast. It is also a premium plugin with no free version. There is a 14-day trial. Setup is incredibly easy. I remember also that managing the website and social media stuff from one place was amazing! You could do that from within WordPress or by logging into CoSchedule directly. For one user, you can get CoSchedule for $40/month. Other pricing options are available on their website.

Conclusion: Blog2Social is the way to go, with the premium options being very reasonable if those features are needed. CoSchedule is a fantastic option for and worth the additional cost if you have the budget for it.
Bonus: Both of these options offer way more than posting to Facebook.

If you know of another Facebook posting plugin I should try out, please let me know in the comments.

Facebook Changes Automatic Posting

I received a notice from WordPress that Facebook will no longer be supporting the automatic posting of web content to Facebook profiles. This does not affect anyone who has a Facebook page set up to receive automatic posts. You will still be able to automatically posting content to your pages.

“Starting August 1, 2018, third-party tools can no longer share posts automatically to Facebook Profiles. This includes Publicize, the WordPress.​com tool that connects your site to major social media platforms (like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook).”

What’s the difference between a page and a profile?

“A profile is a personal Facebook account where you can share [all kinds of stuff]. Pages are public profiles that let artists, public figures, businesses, brands, organizations and nonprofits connect with their fans or customers.” – Facebook.com

I’ve only just recently started my page on Facebook, and I haven’t gotten the automatic posting stuff going yet. It’s on my to-do list.

Facebook’s policy change has caused quite a fallout among the net community. It’s more than just WordPress, which is big enough! Providers like IFTTT and others are going through some overhauls to accommodate the new normal. That’s the nature of change for you.