Project Directory

This is a short listing of what’s what in my world of work.

Current Projects

Former Projects (2004 – 2016)

  • Art Motif 
  • Fishers of Men Lutheran Church (website & enews)
    designer/developer (vbscript)
  • FiveTwo Network
    wordpress wrangler
  • Fruitful Vine Midwifery
  • Grimes Placement Services
    wordpress wrangler
  • GO 5K ~ a different way
  • Hartwood Animal Hospital
    wordpress wrangler
  • Mar-Mars Candy Jar
  • Lobo Tortilla Factory
    design assembly & maintenance
  • Reichek Financial
    designer/developer (
  • Vollmer Public Relations
    designer/developer of 4 websites (vbscript)

Before Independence

From 2000 until 2004, I worked at Vollmer Public Relations as Web Designer & Developer. Some of the projects I worked on while at Vollmer:

  • Vollmer’s sites: main, intranet, and extranet client portal
  • Shelton & Caudle
  • David Weekley Homes
  • Texas Tourism
  • Travelocity
  • Time Warner Cable’s “Movies in the Park” program in Houston, TX
  • … many others