Design Pet Peeve

I don’t want to view your article in a 20 section side-show. I’d like to just view the article in one page, thanks. At the very least, give me the option.

One site that is bad at this is REAL Simple. Ironic? I thought so. Great magazine, terrible site design… even the homepage is overly cluttered and overwhelming. Almost every article I clicked on turned out in side-show format, and I quickly lost interest. It just takes too long and too many clicks to get through a simple 1 or 2 page article in slide-show format.

I am liking their Pinterest boards though. Good stuff there.

Playing with Fonts

I’m finally getting something together for, and I found myself very lost in the world of fonts. Google does it again! I love their Fonts. It’s a fun interface to play through and experiment with, and it was super easy when I finally settled on the font I wanted to use.

I got the design from another favorite site to visit and browse through for ideas: Free CSS Templates This is the first time I took one of their designs and just used the thing as is. Sometimes, it’s just an idea here or there. Fantastic site.

Color Color Everywhere

Colors play a huge role in web design, graphics design, crafting, scrapbooking…

Here are two sites I’ve found and love to use again and again.