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Am I a Real Web Professional?

I was asked a version of this question not long ago, and then again a few days ago. I’m not offended, but I did feel like this should be the first in my series of FAQ’s because it’s a fun one.

So, let’s start with the knowns.

# 1: I am real.


#2: I work with websites.


#3: I am a professional.


I’m not entirely sure I’m all that professional. Nor am I sure that I want to be… or can be?

My first job is my kids. I’m a stay-at-home mother, homeschool educator, nurse, driver, cleaner-upper, tv-watching, Finding Nemo playing, Star Trekking, goofy gal. Did I mention I have 3 young kids?

Plus phone calls are pretty difficult around here. 3 kids are L-O-U-D! Plus they require what seems like constant correction for things that you’d think they wouldn’t need much guidance on.

What I mean to say is that when my clients call (and they all understand what they’ve signed up for), the conversation could very well go like this:

Me: Hi! What can I do for you?

Client: I was wondering if you could xyz my abc page?

Me: That should be — STOP LICKING THE TV! — I can do that. No worries.

#4: I make great websites.


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