Welcome to Crosspoint Designs


I’m Deb Buck. One of my many jobs is as an independent website designer/developer.

Given my busy schedule, this website does fall behind at times. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Just a thing.

Working Hard

I work super-part-time at this gig now that began work as a part-time communications coordinator for Memorial Lutheran Church. I’m also still a  full-time mama & homeschooler.


You can find a brief listing of my experience here, or you can check out the full resume experience on LinkedIn.

My Partner

The server to my website is my husband, Steve Buck – Crosspoint Designs’ network security architect.
You can follow along with Steve on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Write That Down

I love to learn, and I love to teach. Part of that process is taking notes.
I even write some of my notes into legible form and post them here.
Feel free to poke around the blog library.